Group Travel

Group travel is a great option for people who want to see the world but don’t want to travel alone. Arriving at a new and unknown destination is exciting for everyone, but it can also seem a bit intimidating. No matter how informed we are about the place we are visiting, or how much we have planned every detail, nothing prepares you for that feeling of already being there, in the place you dreamed of, with its own light, sounds and smells, facing the new.

Backpacker group tours

It is perhaps the essence of the traveler. You are looking for a personal experience, rather than touring tourist attractions. The characteristic of this type of travel is that it is more open to improvisation in order to live during the trip as a local and not as a tourist. To do so, you do without hotels, car reservations, etc. and try to integrate as much as possible in the culture of the country, adapting to its conditions.

This way of traveling forces the backpacker to let go of acquired habits and customs and to open his mind to everything new. At the same time, a greater capacity for adaptation and problem solving is developed. Traveling alone in a group to share this experience with other people can lead to solid friendships for life. It is important that the members of the group share this philosophy and are able to maintain a positive attitude at all times, so that the whole team is united and can help each other. Traveling alone in an organized backpacking group can be the first step to be encouraged to take the solo flight later on.

Cultural group travel

Cultural trips or author trips are designed by a person who is an expert in some subject and during the trip, shares his knowledge by giving tours or talks to other travelers.

They can be organized in two ways. On the one hand, there are those whose guide is a recognized person in his or her area. It can be history, art, archeology, anthropology, etc. Personalities in their field but also inveterate travelers, eager to transmit their wisdom in situ. Another way to do this is to have the organizer of the trip himself be the companion and guide. It is usually a person with a deep knowledge of the destination, passionate about the culture, history and art of the region and able to transmit that passion to the rest of the group.

Travel for singles

When we think of traveling alone in an organized group, trips for singles immediately come to mind. They are really one of the most sought-after types of trips. There are many people who, for one reason or another, wish to travel with someone but have no one to accompany them. Group travel for singles does not necessarily have the purpose of matching people. It is simply a matter of traveling and at the same time having the possibility of meeting other people with whom to make friends and spend some fun days. One of the requirements for these groups is that the members do not know each other. This way the trip starts on equal terms and the cohesion of the group will be more compact.