Holy Land Tours

The Christian message of the life of Jesus is one of God becoming man. The drama of redemption is a very human story, with joy and sorrow, celebration and suffering. Standing in the square of Bethlehem, the village of Jesus’ birth, or viewing the shepherds in the fields nearby, you cannot help but recall the birth scene. The reality of the prayer in the garden of Gethsemane is striking when sitting amidst the olive trees in the grove near the place of the ancient olive press. Sitting on the stairs that once took thousands into the Temple to offer the lambs at Passover and recalling Jesus in the Temple is a stirring experience. There is nothing so gripping as being in the places where Jesus came, taught, healed and gave of Himself

Benefits of Touring The Holy Land:

1. You will return with a deeper comprehension of God's Word.    

2. You will gain a clearer understanding of biblical application.    

3. You will be able to more effectively communicate the truth to others.     

4. You will develop a framework for better memory of biblical events.     

5. You will have greater confidence in the Word of God—having seen the places the Bible speaks of.    

6. Your spiritual life will become more vibrant and you will have a deeper love for God (99% of those who go affirm this.)     

7.  For the rest of your life, you will "see" the Bible when you read it.     

8. You experience a level of authenticity to your faith you could gain no other way.

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