Honeymoon Registry

Honeymoon Travel & Gift Registry

Our Wedding Registry Specialists can offer a variety of honeymoon planning services, including destination advice, pre-packaged itineraries, individual hotels, romantic add-on tours, meals, and activities. Just like a traditional gift registry, wedding guests can personalize their gifts and pay for a gondola ride in Venice, a chef-prepared meal in a private villa in Paris, bungee jumping in Costa Rica or scuba diving in Belize.

Registering Is Easy As 1.2.3.

1. Submit a Honeymoon Travel Wish Request.   

2. Choose your dream honeymoon destination.    

3. Create a guest list and send out announcements so your guests can purchase from your Honeymoon Registry.   

Although guests are still technically giving you "money," it is far more personal and attractive than handing over a check or cash at the wedding reception. It also means that you can pre-pay your honeymoon (assuming that your guests purchase in advance) and not have huge credit card debt to come home to. For those without a lot of travel experiences, travel registries provide inspiration and ideas. There does need to be a touch of realism though when planning your registry as you don't want to create a $20,000 dream itinerary and then find out a week before your wedding that less than half has been paid for and you will need to pay for the rest.

On average honeymoons tend to last seven days and currently 45% of honeymoon trips for U.S. couples are to domestic locations while 55% of couples travel to international destinations, mainly in the Caribbean. When deciding on an itinerary, you'll need to consider the time of the year you are planning to travel, your overall budget, seasonality and of course foreign exchange rates when making your final decision regarding destination and activities. 

Honeymoon Travel Wish Request.